Trusted Torrent Sites

Torrent has revolutionized the way we share information, just connect to an online torrent service, so you can download files from other computers connected to the service. You will find dozens of torrent services available on the Internet, many of which specialize in certain types of files. But often the availability of various torrent options makes us unsure which files to download. Many people who download torrents complain that they got some viruses from the torrent they downloaded or found fake files. In order not to get files that may be fake, infected with a virus or even both, you must be careful when downloading a torrent.

Try to only connect to torrent sites or services when you are actively downloading files. Usually, most torrent providers require you to remain logged in so that other users can download files on your computer, but by staying connected to the torrent service while you are not active on your computer there is an additional risk of catching the virus. So this should be avoided.

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